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The Elbert County Comprehensive Plan is the long-term guiding vision and policy document for areas outside of local municipal boundaries. The Plan establishes a framework for the future and how the County will strive to achieve community goals over time in subjects such as land use, community resources, natural resources, and economic development. Broad goals, objectives, and strategies are defined in the Comprehensive Plan which are then further reinforced through more detailed zoning and development regulations. 


The last county-wide plan, the 1996 Elbert County Master Plan, was adopted 20 years ago (see link on Documents page). These documents require review and update every 10-20 years to confirm the vision established by the community and address new challenges that may have appeared during that period. The Elbert County Comprehensive Plan Update will do the following:

  • DIRECT future growth and development
  • ESTABLISH a consistent vision for land use, parks and open lands, community facilities, transportation, utilities, and economic opportunities. 
  • GUIDE the community and County leaders in decision-making concerning issues of community character, economic development, historic preservation, cultural and environmental resource conservation


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