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Welcome, we want your help! Come participate in the process to update the Elbert County Comprehensive Plan. Tell us what your vision is for the county and what challenges you see ahead. Your opinions matter! So tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and help shape the future of Elbert County.

Calendar of Events

All public meetings will be held from 6:00-8:30 pm (presentations begin at 6:30 pm) at the Elbert County Fairgrounds, 95 Ute Ave, Kiowa, CO 80117.

Public Meeting #1 – April 26

  • Review of Comp Plan process, existing conditions and planning documents
  • Attendees share input on vision, opportunities, and challenges
  • Chip Game: Explore future alternatives through this interactive exercise

Public Meeting #2 – September 13

  • Review outcomes from the first public meeting
  • Presentation of various alternatives, with feedback from attendees
  • Breakout discussion sessions with subject experts

Public Meeting #3 – November 15

  • Review outcomes of second public meeting
  • Presentation of draft actions and priorities
  • Attendees share input on implementation methods and priorities



Chris Richardson – District 1

Danny Wilcox – District 2

Grant Thayer – District 3



Dan Rosales (Chair) (2)

Ron Turner (Vice Chair) (2)

Brian Harris (1)

Jim Keen (3)

Justin Klassen (1)

Bob Lewis (1)

Dan Michalak (1)

Kip Parker (3)

Paula Wilderman (2)


Elaine Cain (3)

Stephanie Denne (3)

John Dorman (2)

Brad Henderson (3)

Greg Hinds (1)

Shelly Rodie (2)

Soquel Ross (1)

John Spracklen (2)

Wendy Walp (3)

Chris Ware (1)

Scott Wills (3)

Paula Wilderman (2)

Chris Richardson (1)